Lessons in Iaido – Soke’s trip summary

From correcting bad habits to introducing new concepts, our Soke brings a wealth of knowledge straight from Japan to Phoenix with each and every visit. While Soke maybe gone, I know that all of our members learned a lot during his stay. Now that he has returned home, we all have many things to work on so that the next time he visits he will see our improvements.

At the Kenshin Dojo¬† we understand that learning Iaido, like any martial art, is about the journey. There are things everyone needs to work in, in life and in their Iaido practice, and through discipline and continuous effort, we are all able to improve and become the best version of ourselves. This is one of the biggest lessons we learn and I know that we’re all eager to make our dojo proud!

I’m working on updating our gallery with more images from Soke’s visit, so check back soon to see more images from our workshops.