Sensei Robert Corella

Sensei Corella first started his martial arts training in Judo in September of 1961 and now hold the rank of 4-Dan. His iaido training began in September of 1983 in Himeji, Japan. He is now a 4 dan in Araki Ryu Iaido.

Sensei Corella has a B.A. in Education and a Masters degree in Education Leadership. His minor was Japanese language and he also obtained an Asian Studies Certificate from Arizona State University.

Sensei Corella has lived in Japan and has traveled back over 20 times to study Judo and Iaido. While in Japan he learned how to repair various parts of Japanese swords. Including making scabbards, lacquering and wrapping handles. His hobbies include collecting Japanese antiques and bonsai.

Sensei Corella has been president of the Japan-America Society of Arizona for the past 7 years and is active in many local and national Japanese organizations. He was also the first person to introduce Iaido to the state of Arizona in 1985.

If you have questions about swordsmanship or the Kenshin Dojo, you can call Sensei Corella directly at (623) 915-9091.