Join us at Matsuri

Sensei Corella

Our Dojo is proud to be demonstrating Araki Ryu Iaido techniques at this years Matsuri in downtown Phoenix. Come and learn about practicing Iaido during this fun, two day events.

About Matsuri

The Arizona Matsuri is an annual festival which celebrates Japanese culture and heritage, traditional and modern. It started in 1984 and is celebrating it’s 34th anniversary this year.

The two-day event held at Heritage & Science Park in downtown Phoenix features the sights and sounds of Japan, art, crafts, music, dance and much more.

This is a free and family friendly event featuring Japanese food and goods from over 60 vendors. There are demonstrations from local martial artists like us, as well as artisans, musicians and plenty of food and drink vendors.

Matsuri Location

Heritage & Science Park

115 North 6th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Check out parking options and Light Rail access details here.