Join us at Matsuri!

Kenshin Dojo is excited to demonstrate Iaido techniques at the upcoming Matsuri in downtown Phoenix. On both Saturday and Sunday we will showcase sword-based kata of all levels while sharing a bit about the history of the art of Iaido. We’re also proud to demonstrate authentic Kenbu, which is the art of sword dancing.

Please join us on the Monroe Street Stage at 2:45 on Saturday, February 23, or at 3:00 on Sunday, February 24. We will also have a table that you can locate in the official Matsuri program under Japanese exhibits, number 10. Download the official guide, complete with schedule and map, here.

What’s Matsuri?

Matsuri is a free 2-day festival held in downtown Phoenix. Visitors can view authentic Japanese arts, shop, eat great food and watch exciting and interesting demonstrations.

Learn more about Matsuri on the official Phoenix Matsuri Facebook page.