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Kenshin Dojo

Hajime Risho Hayabuchi

16th Soke (Head Master)
Araki Ryu Iaido

Our headmaster, Hajime Hayabuchi is the 16th Soke of the original or true line of Araki Muninsai Ryu Iaido. He was chosen by his grandfather Miyuki Hayabuchi, the 15th Soke, and succeeded him in 1998 upon his grandfathers death at the age of 91 years. Our technique has been handed down through the generations for 400 years.  There is no written information on Araki technique or philosophy from previous Headmasters.  However, the  main dojo has passed down our technique and philosophy through oral tradition and skilful demonstration for many generations.  In order to do this correctly each headmaster would choose his successor very carefully from only the very best of his students to continue this tradition.   Over this time our basic technique has not changed but rather refined to make the application more realistic.

The 14th Soke
KINBUSA Kan-ichiro

The 15th Soke

Our style was established by the order of ARAKI SETTSU no KAMI MURASHIGE in HYOGO prefecture in the sixteenth century.
There are thirty SUWARIWAZA (kneeling technique), thirteen TACHIWAZA (standing technique), nine KUMITACHI (simulated technique) and more advanced technique in our style in witch we also learn the etiquette of the SAMURAI.
Indicative of our style is strong and sharp technique combining speed and fluency of movement. We stress the importance of imagining real fighting especially in the unsuccessful attack, the block and the secondary response..

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