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Kenshin Dojo est. 1985 is located in Phoenix, Arizona

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March 5th 2017 - The Kenshin Dojo has moved!

Our new location is: 939 W Camelback Rd., in Phoenix.

For more information call Sensei Corella at: 623-915-9091

March 2016 - Kenshin Dojo now has 2 more black belts! Robert Bahr and Januza Banasik both received their Shodan rank (1st degree black belt )from our headmaster from Japan. Soke Hayabuchi awarded them their new rank after testing. Before testing we had many classes to improve our sword techniques. Also, congratulations to Eliana Freeman for getting a double promotion. Soke Hayabuchi makes a yearly trip to Phoenix for seminars and testing. He was assisted by two other sensei from Japan that came with him. Thank you Akitaka sensei and Koji Sensei. We now have a total of 7 black belts in our dojo!

Happy New Year 2016!

Our dojo is doing well and the new year looks great! We will have three instructors from Japan visit us this March for a week long seminar and testing.   We are also looking forward to the international iaido seminar in South France in August.   Several of us plan on going. Why not join us for the seminar?

Our trip to Japan was super. We met sensei from other countries. We also participated in a demo in Kobe, Japan.  Everything was capped off with a big banquet. Over 300 sword guest attended. Have a great year!

July 2014

In the Spring of 2015, the Phoenix Dojo will make a trip to Japan to help celebrate the 80th anniversary of the main dojo in Kobe, Japan. A recital and banquet is planned for this event. All dojo members and their families may attend. Some student may even test in Japan.

July 2014

In December the dojo will have a special guest instructor from the main dojo of Araki Ryu Iaido in Kobe, Japan. Akitaka Masui Sensei will be here for for a seminar and maybe testing. This is his first trip to America! And he can speak English too.

July 2014

Dues are just $55 per month. Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible.  Also there is free use of a sword and uniform. Questions? Call us at 623-915-9091anytime.

2013 seems to be going great with four more new students.  And several more students will be joining in a few weeks. Our Head Instructor from Japan will be here on March 30 for training and testing. And then in August, some of the students will go to England for the International Araki Ryu Iaido seminar.  So if you ever thought of doing iaido, now is the perfect time to join the Kenshin Dojo. We hope to see you soon!

April 15, 2012 - Japanese Speech Contest

The kenshin Dojo was asked to do an iaido and sword dance at the annual Japanese Speech contest. It seemed that the students all enjoyed the demo and the sword dance. The Kenshin Dojo has preformed in the past for the contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

March 10 2012
Soke's visit
On March 8th, we had foreign instructors from London and Canada come to the dojo to teach us. Also, our head master from Japan made a visit to teach and conduct testing too. Soke Hayabuchi will be here for one week to improve our sword skills.Wow! Have we learned a lot. Come by for a visit to observe these great instructors.

November 14 2011
New dojo times
The Kenshin Dojo will be having classes every Tuesday and Thursday night a starting at 8 pm. Our Saturday class stays the same, 9 am.

November 14 2011
Headmaster's visit
March 8 - 14, the Real Headmaster of traditional Araki Ryu Iaido will make a visit to Phoenix for classes and testing. Two instructors from London will also attend Mac Sensei and Bob Sensei.

November 14 2011
Springfield Seminar
November5,6, & 7 were the dates of the Illinois Dojo seminar. We heard many good comments. We hope to start another dojo there soon in that area. Also, congratulations to Sensei Matt and Kat Jackson who were married a week later!

October 25 2011
Learning Iaido
The hardest part of learning iaido is entering the dojo door for the first time. Sensei Colin Elgin - London, England

October 25 2011
Corella Sensei given a stage n
Corella Sensei was given a Japanese stage name from Hayabuchi Soke. His new stage name is "Rishusui", carp in autumn water. Sensei Corella is the first American in the USA to receive a stage title.

October 24 2011
Demo at Japanese Garden
Oct. 15th, the Kenshin Dojo members did a sword and kenbu(sword dance) demo at the Phoenix Japanese Friendship garden. We have been doing this for many years. The evening demo went very well and we had many good remarks from the audience.

October 24 2011
Poland Seminar
August 12 to 14th, an international Araki Ryu Iaido seminar was held in Otmuchow, Poland. Clubs from France, England (2), Japan, USA, and of course Poland. Soke Hayabuchi did an outstanding job of teaching since he speaks English. Many new friends were made and we look forward to the next seminar in England in 2013.

April 3 2011
Soke Hayabuchi & Sensei Colin
Our headmaster from Japan is now here. We have not only learned how to apply sword techniques but WHY they are done a certain way. Its great when our Sensei speaks great English and is funny too. Our classes are so enjoyable compared to our previous instructors. We are glad we made the move. We have learned so much!

March 27 2011
Since we first started our web site, we have had 60,000 persons view our iaido web page! Our dojo just keeps growing and growing! Thank you for viewing our website!

February 19 2011
28 years of Iaido
Sensei Corella is now celebrating 28 years of doing traditional Araki Ryu Iaido. He started his training in 1983 while living in Himeji, Japan. Upon his return to Phoenix, he started his dojo. He was the first person to introduce iaido to the State of Arizona. Congratulations Sensei!

May 13 2010
4 dan promotion
Sensei Robert Corella was promoted to the rank of 4th dan in Araki Ryu Iaido. Hayabuchi Soke, 16th Headmaster gave the rank of 4th dan to Sensei. This rank was way overdue. Sensei Corella was welcomed back to the main lineage of Araki Ryu Iaido by Hayabuchi Soke. Sensei Corella was very happy to be doing traditional and true bloodline Araki Ryu Iaido. Congratulations Sensei Corella!